Treatment in Germany


If your which and your medical condition needs a treatment in Germany  we take over the complete organization of your medical trip to Germany, including:

1-    Diagnosis and medical preparation  in Egypt at our clinic.

2-    Contacting one of our partner University-Clinics in Germany , mentioned below, and plan your treatment shortly and properly :. 

-          University Hospital in  Munich ( Prof. Immhoff):




-          University Hospital in  Hannover :




-          University Hospital in Hamburg:                 



-          University Hospital in Berlin:                       




-          Academic Hospital in Wolfsburg:     




***In special cases we also offer the Treatment in other randomized Hospitals in Germany and all over the World.

1-    We surely help you in getting the needed Visas for the Patient and the family members who will travel with you.

2-    If you medical critical condition needs a medical transport we can organize a proper medical accompanied  transportation facility to .One of our team can

also  do all necessary translations and discussions  with the doctors in Germany and discuss the postoperative treatment plan which will be done in Egypt under our supervision.

3-    We also book your flight and hotel in Germany if needed.