Laser Therapy:



Cold laser therapy is the use of a laser beam to treat an injury to a soft tissue such as a ligament, tendon or muscle. A low-intensity laser beam reduces pain, inflammation and swelling and promotes healing of damaged tissue. It works by increasing the flow of blood and lymph through tissue, and by reducing the productions of prostaglandin, which is a chemical released in response to an injury that causes pain and inflammation.

Cold laser therapy speeds up recovery from a recent injury to a ligament, tendon or muscle. Cold laser therapy reduces pain and swelling and promotes healing. Injury to a muscle leaves behind residual scar tissue. Cold laser treatment can help soften scar tissue. Lasers can treat a variety of conditions. Acute, chronic or post operative pain, as well as arthritis, tendon/ligament problems, carpal tunnel (FDA APPROVED), nerve root irritations, back/neck dysfunction, tennis elbow, burns, herpes lesions and a variety of other skin conditions.