For natural osteoarthritis treatment the biological antagonist of IL-1 is ideal. It is the so called Interleukin- 1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra). It has an anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing and cartilage protecting effect. The Orthokine®-Treatment takes advantage of the protective IL-1Ra and other regenerative proteins contained in your own blood. They are increased in concentration and the "Autologous Conditioned Serum" (ACS) is injected into the affected joint. The protective protein IL-1Ra displaces the damaging protein IL-1.The protein solution obtained with the Orthokine®-System is directly injected into the joint. The injection itself is an usual orthopaedic treatment.



Steps for Orthokin preparation:


1)    The blood samples are taken from the arm vein using the special EOT syringe. The glass beads in the syringe induce the blood cells to synthesize increased amounts of protective proteins inhibiting osteoarthritis.

2)    The temperature of 37°C in the incubator represents the optimum environment for protein synthesis.

3)    A centrifuge separates the blood clot from the amber serum, containing the protective proteins in high concentration. The individual serum is filled into syringes.

4)    Typically the final natural protein solution fills six to eight syringes. You will get an injection into the affected joint one or two times a week.